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Yes, BNB is also accepted. I accept any major crypto-currencies, which you can check on checkout page. If you are having issues with the checkout or would like to send the coins manually, feel free to contact me on telegram. Almost all checkout fields are optional to keep everybody safe. Offers up to 150 inbuilt trading rules to help you customize the bot You can add your own trading rules as well for more personalization Superior trading technology with fast execution and reliability Dedicated customer support Compatible with some of the leading exchanges in the world.

Again, the most obvious reason to use a crypto trade bot bot is to make your life easier, save some time and automate profits, especially when talking about making passive income through crypto. But there are some additional benefits you might want to take a look at. Crypto bots give you a nice promise: no more emotional swings, sweating in front of your monitor day and night and, of course, wrong moves. Think of the worst decisions you’ve made in your life.

imageRemember a famous song by The Weekend? Compared to DCA, emotional trading helps you consolidate negative balance. Maybe you should better go and try Grid instead? Honestly speaking, emotional trading is the worst trading strategy ever. They just keep following the algorithm that was embedded earlier into them no matter what. Bots d o not sweat, or scream, or Kucoin feel joy. All of those times you were emotional, right? Con la app abierta, vamos a trading bot.

Ahora, te recomiendo mejor buscar una criptomoneda que conozcas o hayas analizado y no simplemente copiar el bot que ha funcionado mejor en el daily ranking. Pulsamos en classic grid, y quí abajo verás en daily ranking y 7 days ranking los mejores bots con su rendimiento. For example, in case you want to base your trading on a trading price trend in a given asset, you can set the bot to follow and execute trades based on that.

As noted above, Coinrule has over 150 inbuilt rules that can help you maximize profits . Besides, in case you don’t see something you like in the inbuilt trading rules, Coinrule will allow you to set up your trading rules and customize the bot through your own technical analysis. En la desripción vas a poder encontrar un video acerca el nuevo trading bot de futures grid que ha lanzado KuCoin. Aunque lo que vamos a ver ahora, por el momento solo sirve en el trading bot de classic grid.

Luckily, you don’t need to repeat yourself all the time, just allocate the process to the bot that can do it all so much faster! Honestly, this is where our human patience can grow thin. Market volatility is one hectic phenomenon in crypto, yet, If you have any concerns relating to where and how you can make use of crypto trade bot, you can call us at our website. it requires the same set of actions again and again: spotting the right opportunity, kucoin trading bot placing the order manually, closing the deal at the best rate, and keeping the order at the top of the book.

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