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imageFull Order Book (atomic) – this endpoint provides level 3 order book data for If you adored this article and you would certainly such as to receive more facts regarding crypto bot kindly browse through our own web site. a specified pair. This endpoint is also under strict frequency control. The data is not aggregated and every instance is a single order, hence the name atomic. According to KuCoin, it is a combination of Futures and Grid trading, crypto trade bot trading bot which can bring grid profits for users when going long or short. I just realized the best strategy that works for me is the Futures Grid Trading Bot.

imageYou can also restrict the API to an IP address. When there, you will name your API, create a secret passphrase for kucoin it, and give it the permissions you want. For this guide, I’ll give it the General and Trade permissions. If the percentage change is less than 5%, the program will be sleeping for 5 minutes and calculating the percentage change again. If the percentage change is equal to or more than 5% the trade will execute.

Head to and click sign up. Download the authentication app to your mobile or desktop. Enter the code generated by the app on the TOTP blank. To disable two factor authentication, head to settings, two factor authentication and click disable with the valid TOTP. Once the form has been filled, log in. Create an account with the distributed KEY. After log in, click the settings tab to enable two-factor authentication to further protect your account.

There, enter the TOTP code to complete log in. When logging in next time, you will see a page titled: User login – 2nd Step after entering email and password correctly. KuCoin has a lower trading volume when compared to other exchanges KuCoin has been hacked in 2020 with about $280 million worth of assets stolen Can experience API delays on days with high traffic Experiences bad server latency. Also having several orders will give you a very small return per sell.

At the point when I began utilizing the trading bot I too lost cash it purchases orders above the current price to make sure it can sell it at that price . Also, if the price goes underneath the price range you set the bot to purchase and sell it will no longer function until it reaches the range you set it as.. On the off chance that you feel like your total profit is great and the market might plummet. i encouraged to go underneath the average price range of the coin just in case shit hits the fan so that the bot can at least keep trading and making you profit even when the market is low, when the market is low.

Much better to stay over 1% profit minimum. You can always just disable to bot and sell it off as usdt, giving you the total profit, wait til it hits bottom and redo the bot, that way you keep the profit and reinvest at the bottom making you more money. After that, you will be taken to a new page where you will first need to provide your email to obtain a verification code. Upon completion, you can set up your password and referral code (if you have one).

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