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We never take fees from profitable trades or restrict execution of trades based on account activity. The ability to integrate and execute automated trades on KuCoin is available with all our available plans, regardless of the plan term. For any malicious acts conducted during the period, including malicious transaction manipulations, illegal bulk registration of accounts, self-dealing, etc., the platform will cancel the qualification of the participants. KuCoin reserves all rights to exercise at its sole discretion to define if the transaction behavior is counted as cheating behavior and determine whether to cancel the participation qualification of a user.

imageThe trading activity on the platform will undergo rigorous inspection during the activity. Users hereby confirm that their registration and use of KuCoin is voluntary and is not forced, interfered with, or influenced by KuCoin in any way; The final decision made by KuCoin is with legal binding force to all participants who participated in the competition. Pionex trading bots are a kind of computer program designed as a tool to help you automatically crypto trade bot cryptocurrency, which can well avoid the influence of emotional mistakes that most traders have made while manually trading.

imageHowever, Pionex trading bots can easily do some analysis and interpretation of market statistics, gather market data, calculate some potential market risks, and execute buying/selling cryptocurrency. Typically, you will have to pay attention to market statistics, kucoin do some market analysis, or watch the market all the time to decide what time to buy and sell when manually trading. The first one that comes to mind is Pionex. It offers sixteen completely free bots, which are compatible with Binance, Huobi Global, and Pionex exchange.

Here you’ll find bots for Arbitrage, Martingale, Grid Trading, Spot-Futures Arbitrage, DCA, Rebalancing, etc. However, custom strategies are not supported. For details, click to see the anniversary activity. At the end of the activity, the system will rank the power of users who create Smart Rebalance Bot during the KuCoin Trading Bot anniversary activity and obtain a power according to the investment amount and running time. The top 3,000 users in power can get a Lomen NFT each and additional rewards.

You don’t have to stare at the market all the time and hesitate. Emotionless to make the right decisions Pionex trading bots make every single decision based on the previous settings, which don’t have a fear of loss or greed of profit as human beings do. because of the big fluctuation in the crypto trade bot market, human beings are easier to be influenced to make the wrong decision. More powerful to automatically trade For most retail investors, you need to learn too many different indicators, watch the market, or o some analysis, which is so hard for a human trader to deal with such a big amount of data all the time.

The bot will make the right decision based on the parameters you set up and work 24/7 without any stop. However, Pionex bots can easily handle bulks of data, arrive at plausible conclusions, and automatically trade for you. Efficient to make most profits Using Pionex trading bots to trade cryptocurrency is always considered a more efficient option both for newbies and pros.

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